2017.12/15(金)~2018.1/14(日)【第3回LIZ LISAコーデリンピック2017冬】開催決定♪



【第3回LIZ LISAコーデリンピック2017冬】



第3回 LIZ LISA コーデリンピックの開催です♪





・全身をLIZ LISAでかわいくコーディネートしていること




LIZ LISA コーデリンピック審査委員会にて各賞を決定!


金メダル:LIZ LISA商品5万円分 1名様
銀メダル:LIZ LISA商品3万円分 1名様
銅メダル:LIZ LISA商品1万円分 1名様
LL Siennes賞:LIZ LISAワンピース1点
LIZ LISA HP上にて発表させて頂きます。






Q. LIZ LISA商品だけのコーディネイトになりますか?
A. 他ブランドとMIXせずにLIZ LISAのみでコーディネイトしてね♪


Q. 応募条件に2017年秋冬商品を使っていることという条件が
A. 最低1点は使用してください♪
過去に発売されたLIZ LISA商品とのMIXはOKです。


Q. 2017秋冬商品の見分け方を教えてください。
A. 下げ札、もしくは洗濯ネームに記載されている
(例)175-5009-0  177-6035-0


Q. 複数投稿をしてもいいですか?
A. 投稿回数に制限はありませんので


Q. 「いいね」の数は選考基準になりますか?
A.  LIZ LISA コーデリンピック審査委員会にて


Q. 顔を見せたくないのですが………
A. 顔を見せる見せないは投稿者の自由です♪
Q. コーデオリンピックはツイッターから







LIZ LISAコーポレイトサイト内にある、



【LIZ LISA Coordinate Olympic 3rd edition Winter 2017】

LIZ LISA is helding the 3rd edition of the Coordinate Olympic contest.

This time again, we are waiting for amazing coordinates from everyone.

【How to participate?】

Please use the Following Hastag #2017リズコーデリンピック冬

And this tag on your posts @lizlisa_official_japan

【Application conditions】

· Post your favorite whole LIZ LISA style and coordinate photos.

· Post fashionable LIZ LISA coordinates with at least 1 item from this Autumn / Winter collection 2017.

【Application period】

From December 15th, 2017 (Friday) to January 14th, 2018 (Sunday)

【Prizes contents】

The attribution of each prizes is decided by the LIZ LISA judging committee!

The winners could win one of the following prizes.

Gold prize: LIZ LISA 50,000 yens worth of goods for 1 person.

Silver prize: LIZ LISA 30,000 yens worth of goods for 1 person.

Bronze prize: LIZ LISA 10,000 yens worth of goods for 1 person.

LL Siennes Award: One LIZ LISA dress

The announcement of the winners will be made in late January 2018.

We will announce and publish the photos of the winners on our official LIZ LISA Home Page.

We look forward to receiving a lot of cute entries ♪

Please find below our FAQ about this amazing event ♪

Be sure to check it♫

【Q & A】

Q. Should I only use LIZ LISA items for my coordinates?

A. Please make very cute LIZ LISA coordinates without making any mix with other brands♪

Q. About the condition of using items from the Autumn/Winter collection 2017 to participate to the

contest, must I definitely use items from the Autumn/Winter collection 2017 only?

A. Please use at least 1 item from the Autumn/Winter collection 2017♪

Mixes with LIZ LISA items released in the past are accepted.

Q. Please tell me how to distinguish Autumn and Winter 2017 collection products.

A. It is described on the label on the laundry tag inside the clothes.

Example 〇〇〇-〇〇〇〇-〇

The first three digits will be “175” (autumn) or “177” (winter)!

(Example) 175-5009-0 or 177-6035-0

Q. Can I post multiple entries and photos?

A. There is no limit on the number of submissions.

We are waiting for lots of photos from everyone♪

Q. Is the number of “Like” the selection criteria?

A. Since the LIZ LISA judging committee will judge the coordinate itself,

the number of “Like” is not included in the selection criteria!

Q. I do not want to show my face ………

A. Not showing your face or choosing to stay anonymous is part of the freedom of the author♪

There is no problem even if you do not show your face ♪

Q.Can I participate to the Coordinate Olympic through my Twitter account?
I have a lot of Autumn/ Winter items but…

A.The coordinate Olympic is an INSTAGRAM limited event.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience but we kindly ask you to create or use an INSTAGRAM account to participate to the contest.
We look forward to receiving your entry.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How to contact us:

※ After clicking on the contact link, go through the LIZ LISA corporate site,

Please send us your questions by e-mail through the following button【CONTACT】.

※ Frequently asked questions will be added to this FAQ post.

We look forward to seeing your wonderful coordinates and entries♪

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